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Natural products to enhance your garden and your life.


Created from natural raw wood sources, a multipurpose product for amending all potting soil mixes, or added directly to native (garden) soils.


BioPellets® are derived from organic sources providing benefits to both plants and soil and won’t burn or damage plants. Organic nutrient pellets stimulate beneficial soil micro-organisms and improve the structure of the soil.


A special soil blend designed for indoor or outdoor growing applications. Ideal for plants grown in pots, planters, cold frames or greenhouses. Promotes growth requiring less watering and nutrients resulting healthier plants.


Specially designed “Odor Control” pellets for use with any cat litter. This non-toxic and chemical free product is great for controlling litter box smell in small spaces.

CHAR+™ for soil and the environment

CHAR+™ not only can revitalize your soil, it helps reduce harmful Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels up to 50-80%

The BioChar cycle

Why use BioChar?

100% Organic

All of our CHAR+™ products are 100% Organic and help reduce harmful emissions

Environmentally Friendly

Canadian AgriChar uses a patented proprietary pyrolysis technology to convert biomass into BioChar

Increased Yields

Users of CHAR+™ report yield increases up to 50% by amending the soil and improving nutrient and water retention

Easy to Use

Our CHAR+™ line of products are easy to use and a little bit goes a long way. Use our BioSoil® and BioPellets® without any additional prep

Increase Your Crop Yields

CHAR+™ added to your soil creates areas for microbiological growth, nutrient and water retention allowing your crops to grow to their full potential

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