BioChar Soil Amendment

“Nature’s Wonder Product”
Retains More Moisture
Retains More Nutrients
Increases Plant Growth!

DESCRIPTION: CHAR+ BioChar can be used as a direct amendment to soil. Prior blending of this BioChar product with compost, peat, or other soil supplements that are rich in nutrients is recommended. Blending ensures suitable nutrients are readily available to plants.

SOIL AND AIR BENEFIT: BioChar is derived from biomass that accumulated carbon through the process of photosynthesis during the life of the original plant. Left to decompose naturally this carbon would revert back into the natural carbon cycle by conversion back into atmospheric CO2.

APPLICATION: Blend CHAR+ BioChar with compost, peat, and/or other high nutrient value soil blends.
Recommended practices involve blending BioChar with compost or typical water-soluble garden fertilizers prior to or in conjunction with addition to garden soils. Addition of BioChar with higher nutrient value compost or water-soluble fertilizers will significantly increase the soil porosity and productivity.

Recommended BioChar blend ratios are approximately:

  • Direct to soil – BioChar variable 3% to 30% by volume.
  • To compost – BioChar 20% to 50% by volume.
  • BioChar (nutrient enriched) to compost – BioChar 5% to 25% by  volume.
  • Soilless media blends – BioChar 3% to 30% t by volume.

If agricultural use is intended:
“Maximum annual application of 23 tonnes/ha”

If garden (small container use is intended:
“Maximum annual application of 2.3 kg/m”

BioChar does not decompose rapidly, applications can be applied as directed any season of the year.

BioChar Benefits to the Soil:

  • Improves soil moisture holding capacity
  • Improves pH (liming)
  • Improves nutrient retention
  • Improves soil pliability
  • Improves produce/biomass yield

      (with addition of adequate plant nutrients)


Biochar – created 100% from wood (including ash and moisture)
Guaranteed Analysis (dry basis, % by weight)
BioChar – 100%
Carbon equal to or more than – 70%
Total Ash equal to or less than – 30%

BioChar Information